Wilpena Pound Resort

This Application provides information to NRMA Parks and Resorts upon which it will determine whether or not to grant to you access to contracted rates. Accordingly you must accurately complete this application as the information you provide is relied upon by us to make a decision.

Important Conditions & Notices which form part of your Application:

  1. Your application for contracted trade rates and any subsequent approval and granting of these rates is based upon the information set out in this Application and in particular its accuracy. In completing this Application, you warrant that:
    • The information is accurate, complete, & not misleading;
    • You will not trade in any way that is not reasonably contemplated from the information contained in this Application as completed by you;
    • You or anyone acting through or for you will not sell or promote, NRMA Parks and Resorts and whether directly or indirectly on any website that is not listed in this Application without first obtaining the consent of Anthology in writing;
    • You will not display or allow to be displayed any intellectual Property belonging to NRMA Parks and Resorts or it's Clients without first obtaining the written consent of NRMA Parks and Resorts.
  2. You will indemnify NRMA Parks and Resorts against any claim, damage, loss, expense or liability incurred or suffered by or brought or made or recovered against NRMA Parks and Resorts in connection with any breach of any representation or warranty as disclosed in this Application.
  3. NRMA Parks and Resorts shall be entitled to immediately terminate any Rates Contract entered into as a result of reliance on information contained in this Application which is proven to be inaccurate, incomplete or misleading (whether at time of Application or subsequently).

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